A 4 day business event in January with a threefold purpose:

· Individual development
· Business development
· Partnership development

Through our Facilitative Leadership Development, individual exposure to Swedish Companies connected to various sectors, and participation in business forum.


The purpose of arranging an event like this is to build an international ecosystem for value driven, sustainable business development.

To shape a transformative business culture, impacting stakeholders and communities in Africa and beyond.

For Whom

The participants are typically entrepreneurs, community leaders and officials, with a desire to lead transformation in the countries where they live.

  • Facilitative Leadership Training

  • The interactive training contains 3 modules:
  • The foundation of coaching
  • Mentor and coaching Leadership
  • Coaching tools

During the facilitative workshops Swedes and Africans train together to develop mentoring and coaching skills, which is followed by hands on 6 months fieldwork.


Workshops for business development


The participant get exposed to strategic business areas such as: ICT, innovation, family business, rural development, hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, e-commerse, and more according to the individual need of the participant.

SWC Business Forum

With students from Chalmers we arrange a Business Forum for partnership development. At the Forum innovative companies are pitching and there is time for match making.


Ekonomiska föreningen Sustainable World Collaboration Sweden

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  • Why FLT?

    The Facilitative Leadership Training (FLT) will help transform you into an effective leader in all areas of business, non-for profit, schools, government and community organizations.
    All organizations need effective leaders who empower others to find solutions, expand their horizons, question assumptions and examine beliefs and values to ensure the best outcomes for individuals and their organization.
    This practical training program prepares you in the use of sound principles of facilitation through the 2 days of workshop and the 6 months of one-on-one training.

  • Fieldwork

    This additional part of the training is available after the workshops and consists of 24 hours of personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions run over 24 weeks (six months). The sessions will be facilitated by an accredited mentor. The one-on-one phase is the experiential phase where you will experience first hand a live mentoring relationship with an certified Mentor. During this phase you will witness the use of the various tools used by the Mentors and their practical application in real life problem solving situations.

  • CERTIFICATE of performance

    A Facilitative Leadership Training certificate will be awarded to every participant who completes both the 2 days workshop and the 6 months one-on-one mentoring fieldwork support. For those who attend only the workshops, a Facilitative Leadership Development Workshop certificate of attendance will be awarded after completion of the workshops

  • Organizors

    The Facilitatative Leadership Training is organized by the Sustainable World Corporation and Prowess Leadership institute, South Africa.

What participants are saying...



To me SWC is a life-changing experience. It is more than a mentoring training, it is more than a training to develop business leading skills, it is more a place to meet skilled people who might help one develop her/his skills, it is more than a place where you connect with people and are offered new opportunities, … it is all that and also a melting-pot for different cultures for a constructive purpose. It is a place where the weak feels lifted up not to emphasize her/his weakness and her/his differences but to feel equally accepted and appreciated by the strong. It is a good place to be!

Nabintu Mujambere, Future Hope Africa Democratic Republic Of Congo

"Depth and width!"

I've been a lecturer as well as a consultant for quite some years. Being able to spend 4 full days looking into the facilitative leadership characteristics was valuable, encouraging and challenging. To do this together with business people from the African continent added more dimensions to it as cultural perspectives gave depth and width to the discussions and workshops. I can highly recommend this course.

Peter Kammensjö Mentor and Lecturer at University of Borås, Sweden

"Strong foundation!"

The Swedish winter challenge meant a "strong foundation for a stable 100 plus storey building" to our business and life particularly in area of mentoring and coaching that will unlock individual potentials to add value in everything we do.

Newton Waniba, Board of Directors, Goshen group South Sudan